225 days to go – The British 10K London Run

What a day! Today, on 14th July 2013 I have run as what is known the ‘world’s greatest route’. Today I have succesfully completed The British 10K London Run! Together with approx. 24,999 other runners we conquered London’s road in a beautiful 30°C! I think I never felt so hot in my life!

But let’s start at the beginning! I woke up early, had a shower, breakfast and lots of water and made my way to Embankment/Whithall to drop of my bags and walk together with others to the starting point. I bumped into 2 other Fairtrade supporters and together we made out way to the start. One could really feel that we weren’t the only ones at this race. So many people everywhere! Despite the 9.30am start that was announced I didn’t get to run until approx. 10.10am. It was a staggered start but we had lots of fun! Once I started the first few kilometers were a right struggle. There wo no shadow, just the sun and 30°C and the heat produced by the other 24,999 runners. But the views were amazing. Running along the Themse, towards Bank, all the way back passing Big Ben and over Parliament Square. At Parliament Square about 7km were done and I felt pretty comfortabe running. Great support was given with loud cheering and inflatable bananas by the Fairtrade Team.

10K Support Team

The last 3km felt so unreal. So many people, cheering, smiling and me in the middle of the biggest roads in London’s town centre running! Passing the finish line was such a great feeling! Despite feeling like my feet might fall off and my body melt I was so happy to have completed the run! Many other runners shared the

same pink colour on their face. But regardless of how hard this run on one of the hottest days in the UK was, it was all worth it as lots of money was raised for many good causes.
10K TeamIf you still want to donate for my run, then please feel free. Just click the lin

k here and you will be directed to my fundraising page.

Happy 14th July 2013 everyone!



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