173 days to go – Banana! :)

Good morning everyone!

How are you today? London is well sunny although I think one can feel that the summer is slightly coming to an end. But hey no sad faces, that only means Winter Wonderland is approaching, including ice skating and Christmas!!

Anyway, I thought today I’ll cheer up everyone’s day with 2 funny clips about bananas!

First of all some banana facts, which I found on Banana Link:

  • Bananas are the most popular fruit in the world
  • It is thought that about 1000 different types of bananas exist which are grouped into 50 categories
  • Bananas are grown in more than 150 different countries
  • An average Brit eats  10kg bananas each year – that makes about 100 bananas
  • The word banana comes from the Arabic language and means ‘finger’
  • It’s actually not grown on a tree but the largest herb in the world
  • Finished your banana and just got bitten by a mosquito? Don’t worry rub the inside of the skin over it and it will stop itching! Alternatively you can use it to polish your shoes
  • A banana tastes best when grown Fairtrade! (Well that is my fact, but I’m sure Banana Link would agree as they fight for ‘fair and sustainable banana and pineapple trade’)

bananas go fairtradde


Clip #1: Evil Minion wants Banana (from Despicible Me 2)


Clip #2: Minions Banana Song (from Despicable Me 2)


Happy Wednesday, and Happy Birthday Stefan – enjoy your Banoffie Cake! 🙂




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