127 days to go – The end of Chocolate week!

Hey everyone!

What a long week it has been! I’ve got only 127 days to go but yet it still feels like such a big number!

This week has been National Chocolate Week in the UK and I survived the temptation! Despite (!) all the ads for joining in..in the tube, along the tube escalators, in the lift at work, just everywhere!! Yesterday I went around my friends to see their new pad and I bought some cakes to bring along with me. I know…I know I should have baked myself but I literary had no time. Anyway I’ve got lots of mini cupcakes of which I asked for 2 to be without chocolate/cocoa. So I missed out of Red Velvet and Oreo and Toblerone and lost of other tasty things. But never mind! It’s only another 127 days which will be tackled with or without problem! Afterall, Christmas is around the corner and the supermarkets are full of naughty goodies!!


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